Good Moon LLC is a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Minnesota in the United States. The company was established to oversee donations from sales of the book to organizations that provide hospice and palliative care.

If you would like to get in touch with Good Moon LLC, please contact Ginny Green at ggreen.goodmoon@gmail.com.

Behind Good Moon

Leslie E. Moore

Leslie was raised in Northern Minnesota, just south of the Canadian border. The eldest of seven children, she grew up on the Iron Range, close to the world’s largest open pit mine for ore.

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Ginny Green

Ginny enjoys speaking to families, professionals and communities about hospice and welcomes opportunities to share stories and learnings about hospice.

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How do families enter into the world of the dying and support a person who chooses to die at home? Turn Right, Good Moon is a book about that world. It tells the story of a woman who wanted to die at home and of the family who helped her fulfill her wish.

We offer Good Moon’s story in a beautifully designed paperback, with illustrations that capture the depth and mystery of the world of the dying. The book is perfect for those who would appreciate a gift or a keepsake.

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